Be Advised!

The blog linked below is the blog of a friend of mine, Erik Weinberger.   Politically, I disagree with most of the stuff he writes as he is a liberal.  As friends, we've always managed to get past our political differences.  That ended July 20, 2006 when Erik made the following statement:

"It's funny how it's ok if you are a conservative how it's ok for you to be openly racist AS THEY ALL ARE."

I am linking to Erik's blog to serve our friendship.  I still call for Erik to apologize for calling approximately 50% of the nation's citizens racists.  He always jumps on people who say things he feels are out of place.  I feel he should be held to the same standard.

Erik's blog ---> Left Over Right


If/When I ever get the apology, I will remove this disclaimer.

Number of Days that have gone by without apology = 3934